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"Sharp Land Software Solutions, provides complete services to increase the companies performance and finance level by effective systematic operational support to managements and web marketing over web-sties. By delivering simple and accurate softwares in low cast, we are targeting all small level to large-scale organizations to come forward to carry out the latest technologies in business promotions. The following services are ready with us to serve you with pleasure. "

Software Project Development

  1. Inventory / Stock / Store related
  2. Billing and reporting related

Web applications / Websites Development for

  1. Institutions
  2. Trust and NGOs
  3. All type of Industries
  4. Exports companies
  5. Travel companies
  6. Tourist and travel agencies
  7. Large scale organizations
  8. Hotels and Resorts
  9. Real estate business professionals

Software Training and Project Development

  1. Training to all web technologies
  2. Web Hosting and maintenance
  3. Software Development Training
  4. Project report generations
  5. Project Presentations

Business promotions

  1. Business and Educational Presentations
  2. Business promotion pamphlets, banners and Calendar Design

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